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COVID-19 has put an enormous number of people out of work, so we created StillHiring to help people in Australia and New Zealand to find out where the jobs really are, and in what categories and locations.

This is a free site, created to try to help as many people as possible. The site is not perfect, and there are some logos missing and data inaccuracies that we are fixing quite quickly. The quality will improve daily.

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Please list your company to add your business to the site if you are still hiring. Please note that we carefully assess new requests before adding them to the site. Job listings must comply with Australian and New Zealand law, and we will not tolerate any attempt to take advantage of job seekers by trying to sell them training or anything else. To have jobs listed on this site you need to provide a URL to the listings on a 3rd party website.

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If you are still hiring and need a powerful, enterprise grade recruitment system that can be deployed rapidly, please contact JobAdder.

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If you spot a mistake on the site, or would like to send in some feedback please click contact us.

If you land a job through this site, please pass along your feedback to the team who are working hard on this in their own time.